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CoVet Brand

In addition to other business opportunities that might be identified or developed to support Vets as an economic enterprise, USGAVE is developing specific localized business concepts for airport concession programs that include CoVet____Cafe, CoVet_____Bagels, and CoVet_____Coffee.  It is anticipated that these brands are customized to the specific community or airport of operation, by way of example: CoVet Chicago Coffee, CoVet NYC Bagels, etc.

The CoVet Coffee development concept would have a preferred provider and co-branding relationship with a prominent coffee roaster and distributor.  The CoVet Bagel development concept would have a preferred-provider relationship with a national bagel baker and distributor.

These concepts are intended to be developed by concession operators through a relationship that is appropriate to the airport opportunity, which may be by sublease or joint venture to an existing airport operator or by direct relationship with the airport owner.  The concepts are expected to meet the highest-quality standards of presentation, customer service, operation and menu to meet and exceed the alternatives offered by ubiquitous national chain operations. 

For more information, please contact USGAVE.

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